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July 01, 2009


Chris Martin

G: Will these have the thicker toe....? Put me down for a set.

Barbara Henry

Will these boots fit the round hoof horse?


Garrett ;
do you foresee draft horse sizes also,if so when , with drafts becoming more popular for trail riding I already have customers asking for them . (I'm a bare foot trimmer), Thank you .

Sheri Hensley DVM

Waiting for these for round front hooves, for TBs. 5" wide, 4 1/2" long, always barefoot w. nice, even shape trimmed/filed fequently.
Old #1 EasyBoots seem to stay on ok.

Lucy Nicholas

Fantastic news!

Teresa Jessee

I am anxiously waiting for gloves for a round footed horse. I need something easier for my arthritic hands to put on.
Please, please, please we need boots for round footed horses. Old Macs are too clumsy and stretch out of shape after a few muddy rides. I don't trust Boa boots to stay on.

Ute Miethe

I am so excited - my wideload , big hooved WB gelding wears # 4 Epics. I am sincerely hoping that at least a # 4 Glove will fit him. Keeping finger & toes (and hooves, if he'll cooperate) crossed that he won't need a 4.5....;-)

I have another client who's been waiting for bigger sizes too :-)One is a Haflinger mare who does not fit in # 3s.


Garrett Ford

Chris- Yes, they will be thicker in the toe and lower wall area.


Garrett Ford

The #3.5 and #4 will be the same shape as the smaller sizes. We are looking at doing a more wide pattern as we go bigger (4+). We are also looking at doing a wide pattern for the complete line.


Garrett Ford

Ute- The #4 Epic and #4 Glove will be a bit different. I'm sorry to say that the #4 Epic will be bigger than the #4 Glove. I hope it will be big enough for your horse but I don't know for sure. Regardless we will be adding additional sizes soon. #4.5, #5, #5.5 and #6.



Those of you who have round-hooved horses... have you TRIED the glove/glue-on shells yet? My horse has one front foot that is perfectly round, and his hind feet are wider than they are long. He is successfully using Gloves and Glue-ons (Gloves for training, glue-ons did a 100-mile ride last weekend that you'll read about here tomorrow). The boot material is very stretchy and I'm getting an incredible fit!! I don't even really need Power Straps, though I do have them on the front Gloves.

Natalie H.

Now we also need SMALLER...I have several ponies and minis (the later for driving on roads in parades and such that need protection) in my trimming clients that need the old EB pony and mini sizes...
And yes, I find the gloves will adapt to many foot shapes, esp with help of add-ons like the power strap or sport tape. Though there still isn't much that will work on a straight-walled (donkey/mule type foot) foot. A glueon can help as the glue will take up space, but for 1-day rides is not as practical...

Leslie Shaw

Need boots to fit a draft horse. He's in between sizes 5/6 of the Bares where the 5 is too small and the 6 he's swimming in even with the insert pads. It would be great if the boot selections would crossover in size. His hooves are more rounded as well. Frustrating as he needs boots but can't find any to fit.

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