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August 24, 2009


Alanna Sommer

Did you put goober glue in the bottoms after the glue had set up on the shell? Did you mix the goober glue with water, or just use the straight glue? Please let me know how this holds up, I am planning on doing glue on gloves for fall NATRC rides after having great success with them in the spring. Would love to be able to do it myself and skip the $100 the farrier charged to glue them on with adhere. Alanna


How much goober glue are you putting in the bottom of the shell (ie 1cm, 2cm)? You arent putting any on the walls?


Solution seems simple enough. I was wondering how you would remove T-screws, but noticed they are left in place after removing gaiters.

I cannot locate anyone local that has Goober Glue. Do you have a contact or phone number for manufacturer? I would have thought they had a website, but I have been unable to find. I have some clients that have voiced an interest in an alternative to Adhere but have also been unable to locate Goober Glue.

Thanks for any help.

Lucy Chaplin Trumbull

This is a great idea!

I love the properties of the GG, but was having real problems gluing on boots using it (my horse would twist out of boots before the glue set up and ruin the bond).

Whilst Adhere was quick to set, I was uncomfortable with how hard it set up, esp. when some of it would inevitably get in the bottom of the boot as it was being put on and would set up hard under the sole. I also wondered how much expansion of the hoof Adhere allowed for - it seemed a shame to put on a rubbery boot, then hold the whole shebang rigid with a hard glue.

I'd been toying with the idea of using two beads of glue - GG lower down, so that any glue that got pushed into the sole would be GG and stay rubbery, then Adhere around the top edge, to hold the whole thing in place.

Of course, putting this into practice would be much harder than thinking about it, so I have yet to actually attempt it.

The idea of using the gaiters instead is much simpler.

How long did you wait before removing the gaiters? and how did you avoid getting the gaiters covered with the squooshy extra glue oozing out the back?

Sheri Hensley DVM

Cool idea. Even with the gaitor on for a less-than-perfectly-shaped hoof in the boot which might otherwise feel a bit loose.

Jennifer Hanson

Where do you get the goober glue at?


Alana-- I have used the Goober Glue at NATRC rides this year, and it is AWSOME! I did use it in the bottoms also for sole packing, and my horses legs have NEVER come off a ride so nicely. No edema at all, even after a 3 hour trailer ride home. My husband retired his farrier business years ago, now only does barefoot trims. He felt this application technique will make it very easy for the horse owner to do. He also really likes the Goober Glue for it's flexibility. If you want to see pics of after the ride, I added in a link.

Great idea Garrett!! As always you think OUT of the box.

Vicky Clink

any idea where we can get it? i am in the UK but happy to buy it from international seller?

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