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Hi Karen,

I have a client's horse that you might like to try. He has been sitting around because there is no one to ride him. She was getting him ready for her husband (he committed suicide a year and half ago). I own his sire, Cejlon, that did l000's of miles under Kathy's first husband John (died of Leukemia). Parallax is a great horse and extremely well put together and athletic. This is the link to his photo gallery on SmugMug. Kathy only wants $3,500.00 for him.

I really want him to go to an endurance home. Hence why he is still just sitting around. Making sure he gets to a really good endurance home and not one that wanted to race him to no end. Not that he wasn't bred to do that. Just wanted to give him the best possible chance at the longest possible life.

I have had my student, Danielle, working with him for the last year. She is not quite ready to do a 50 which is why I haven't put him out there yet. I was looking for someone that wanted to do that and then put him up for sale.

Let me know what you think!


Suzanne Huff


I have a horse that meets all your requirements except that he is not yet ready for a 50 (would take 4-6 weeks?). In addition, he is also a smooth ride! His Dam is Barbarella FF, if you want to look at her endurance history. Sire is RD Five Star. Check him out on the website (SD Baraambo) and let me know if you wanna come see him.


This colt is due to be gelded as soon as we get some frozen semen stored. He is green broke with a lot of ground work by Charles Wilhelm. Grew up outside and in a herd (even now he's turned out with another colt) so while he does need initial conditioning he's not a hot-house flower.

Pix of him being presented at the Al Khamsa convention in Paso Robles in October are here: (that's his sire, Ascendant, appearing below him on that page, photographed at the age of 29. Former dressage horse, still sound.)

Ace is near Stockton CA currently, will be returning to Oregon later this summer if not sold.

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