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Jenny Moncur

Great stuff!!
I live not too far from that country - the Victorian High country - and have ridden over it with some of the people in that movie clip.
It is every bit as amazing and steep as it looks on the movie. It was a great piece of riding to film that clip.


I often skip to just that part on the DVD!
Awesome riding...

ronda eden

Yes. Fantastic. I am an Aussie riding endurance in the USA. I use to be an Australia storyteller and specialized in reciting the poem from which the movie derived.
Love your blog.


I have a vintage horse magazine from when that movie came out and they interviewed him. He actually did that stunt downhill ride himself. Also, you can tell there are no trick camera angles by watching the trees/plants and how they grow straight up towards the sun. I also thought what a good horse Denny was for waiting and standing still while his bridle was put back on with all those other horses galloping past! These movies are classics! My sister and I must have watched them 1000 times when we were kids! I bought them for my son when he got his first horse.

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