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Pascale Hartmann


I'm sorry for my bad English.

I have, or better I had (I hope so!!) exactly the same problem! Almost I see now that I'm not alone with that bad thing!

After trying many different medications I'm doing now with Clean Trax, and it seems to work!

At now I didn't find out, where it's coming from! The last five or six weeks we had very dry weather. Now it's raining. I think, the problem was here for longer time, but we couldn't see it because the dry weather. Now we could see very well!

I have some photos, but I didn't succeed to put them here. May be somebody can explain me how to do...

Our horses are barefoot and a part of them had problems to walk with the fungus at the frogs. By looking for the reason I find out, that in our region there are many (shoed) horses with "pieces of cheese" at the place of the frog (the owners don't care about...).
They are living in different places in different stables.

A new epidemie??????

Regards from Switzerland


I am learning about bare trimming and hoof disease from Cheryl Hendersen at www.abchoofcare.com. She is soaking disease out of the feet with a product called White Lightening with rapid results. Check her website and she is writing a book on disease to be out in 2009.
Good luck, Lori

Wendy Wagner

I was told to use Iodine for rot by the old timer who mentored me.
I also herd about someone who had their horses on pasture that had previously had hogs on it. Her horses were loosing frog and the vet said to lime the pasture. She went a little overboard from what I herd, but it worked.
The lime treatment should destroy the environment in the pasture that is hosting the disease, and it will be good for the grass as well. The only problem is if the pasture is too large or rough, in which case, you could put down a lot of lime under resting trees and at the water tank (anyplace the horse spends enough time to get rid of all the grass).

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Brenda Lee

my horses frog on his front right hoof is completely gone.there are no signs of thrush,but it appears that a new frog may be regrowing.does anyone have any suggestions?

Lacey Arnold

My horse lost his frog from thrush. Will he grow his frog back?


yes Brenda.... try "Tomorrow" better known as "dry cow" it takes awhile ......but its the best stuff I have ever used. my horse had NO frogs just a hole, on all 4's. it comes in a syringe, put it down in between the bulbs. they make "Tomorrow " and "Today " same price but the Tomorrow has more antibiotics in it.


Where would I purchase this product called Tomorrow from? thanks

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I'd be interested in hearing. The TOS seems rather clear that it is not unless expressly approved by Amazon. I guess if the library got it in writing then they would be ok.

Marlo Fussell

I have been having the same problem with one of my horses front feet. I have 3 other horses on the same pasture and they have had no problems, and one of the horses came with the one w/ the frog problem. I have been using tee tree oil and epsom salt in a wash and it seems to help. She is also geting tired of feet trimming and clean. I have also heard that tee tree oil and applecider vingar work well also. Her frog is gone on her front foot and she limps (walks on her toe). Since I have started the teatment she has started to walk on entire hoof more but with a limp that is more noticable after she had stood for a period of time.

lorraine furlong

i am having the same problem with my shetland the vet diagnosed as laminitus as he was crippled but i was trying to say its his frogs, they fall off his groves down the frogs are very deep....... I keep trying different products and keep his bed clean.......its soul destryoing ant advice greatfully rcvd

Selma Galev

I acquired a horse with no frog at all. I started putting the Tomorrow on it and 2 days later, it appeared that he suddenly had a frog. The ferrier said it is enflamed. Am I doing the right thing? Every night I soak it by putting ecthimol on the frog area, sprinkle ebsome salt on it, them put it in a soaking bucket with more salts and iodine in the warm water. After 20 minutes, I clean everything off and dry it as best as I can. I put the tomorrow in all the creveses and wrap it with vet wrap. I don't see the inflamation going down but now it looks more and more like it frog. Could it be that it grew back that fast and now it needs to harden?

Shive Hutcheson

I haven't a horse that is why I am not aware about this. But I advice you to see it to the experts. I'm sure they'll know about this.

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