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Bob West

Hey Dr Tom,
I have two mini's mother and daughter later was born here. mother was a rescue turned out to be PG. mother seems to have mental issues both are lame, baby (4years)was diagnosed with laminitis, mother walks like wooden soldier ( stiff legged)both have been in barn all summer Appetites are good and no fever,(feed is Grass hay.( no grain)any ideas what could be problem or how to treat???? I know this difficult, but I am the end of my $
Thanks ,Bob W

Chris Rosenquist

I've been thinking about getting a mini horse and have seen
a young mare who has clubfoot of one front foot.
she is about 3 years old and seems otherwise healthy and functional.
what should I look forward to if I purchase her?
Can this be fixed? She does need to see a farrier for sure,
will this help the clubbing? Am I looking at a lifetime of worry and expense?
Would she be facing a life of pain?

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