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I have a seven year old Paint mare that came up with lameness issues soon after I bought her two years ago. Her lameness at first was very slight and almost too small to notice at a trot. Since she has put on weight and now the lameness has become very pronounced. I recently had a chiropractor out because she had an issue with not being able to move her back legs smoothly. I found out she had an old back injury according to the chiropractor. At the moment we have her back legs working normally so I went ahead and took her to the vet because her front right leg is extreamly lame at the moment. He told me that the bones in that leg at the fetlock do not line up and that she was born with this. He gave her a shot in the joint and told me this would make her sound for at least 6 months. This has made her even worse. There are days we go out and she is so stiff in this leg it takes 15 minutes of walking her to get her to move her leg properly, and we are still lame on the leg. I started to do as much research as I could and noticed that her left side of her chest is about 1 inch lower then her right side. I believe this is called Limb Length Disparity. I do not want to shoe her as she has always been a barefoot horse and I do not shoe my horses. I was wondering if you thought that the easyboot bare might work in a situation where I want to bring up her left leg to compensate for this difference until I can grow out her hoof. She has always been a barefoot horse and I do not wish to put a shoe on her.
Thank You

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