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robert c bittinger

i raise whitetail deer.i had a problem with a 12 week old fawn that laid around and it seem like it mabe was blosted.it would get up stand still an try to poo.it`s belley was real big, it would keep pushing but didn`t do anything.iv`e lost goats to this kind of nature with froth an bloat.i called my vet and he seamed kind of puzzled ,as to what to do.he went to his truck an brought a shot of something and the next day the fawn was bouncing around like nothing was wrong.i ask what it was. he said he gave it something, im not sure it will work,but we will try to save it.after a $79.00 bill i saw it was banamine 0.50.what is it and do you think it helped or my praying saved it.i heard it`s for horses colic.thanks robertrobert

pain management emr

Yeah, time will do the healing too.


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