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My boa boots need new laces also the side which fits into the side of the boot has come loose ? what is the process for fixing?

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Is always very difficult to fix these kind of things.



the lace on my boa boot burst and I am trying to replace the dial as well as the lace. however I cannot remove the old dial! How is this done? I have looked on your help videos and can only see info on replacing the dial not actually removing the old one!
please help. i am having to borrow a pair of my friends "old Macs" to keep my boy going.


Lorraine Kelly

I have a pair of BOA boots and I am very happy with them but I bought the studs at the same time and I now have no clue hoe to put the studs on please help. Lorraine and a very happy Sonic

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I would like to return the boot to you for repair, and understand it is not under warranty. I'd just like to have the spare pair on hand. Please let me know the estimated cost of repair, and should I send both boots for new laces, as I've been using them for at least 3 months, maybe more.
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Ora Zabloski

Both wheels, face plate and screws have come out of my snowboarding boots. I have tried all repair shops in and about Calgary and no one has parts. Want to get back on the slopes as soon as possible so this is an urgent request. Please mail the parts and a tech at Canada Olympic will put them on. Apparently these parts are universal and this should be under warranty. My boots are DC white with a black wheel. thanks Ora

Bob Envick

I have the Easy Care boot. The cable is broken.
How is the repair done? I am mainly concerned about removing the tension dial without messing something up.

Ray Gee

Hi I am trying to replace a wire lace in a boa boot but the wire has broken behind the dial and the dial will not turn. In the replacemnet kit it says loosen the 2 allen key nuts but dont take them out. how do I get the broken bit of wire out from behind the dial. thanks

Jo Moss

Yes! Me too! Can't get broken piece of wire out of dial. Otherwise the instructions are just great.

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This may be the solution to my problem. Thanks for inputting insights.

Elaine Miller

the wires in my boa horse boot broke. I cannot get one of the wires through the hole. After looking carefully it looks like there is part of the wire stuck in the holes where you tighten the set screw. How can I get the wire out that maybe stuck there and maybe farther down inside?

beth monahab

I have the Boa Horse Boot. The seem that holds the plastic wire thread on the main part of the boot came undone. Any ideas on how to repair this?

Mark Koontz

I have the BOA lacing system on my golf shoes. The last time I tried to loosen them to take my shoe off, the knob is locked down and will not rotate counterclockwise to loosen. I got the shoe off and it WILL rotate clockwise to tighten, but I still can't get it to turn counterclockwise to loosen. I found a replacement video on you-tube and took the mechanism apart and put it back together but still won't turn counterclockwise. Any suggestions?

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