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Patty Mitchell

Dear Easy Care,
I have to say that I have been an avid user and promoter of the standard easyboot for over 10 years. I've converted many people to this boot and the natural trim and have seen many horses benefit. I could never say enough good or list all my great riding experiences attributed to this classic boot. However- I have a QH mare with a big, wide foot that is wider than the length and your wonderfull company does not make a boot to fit her. I refuse to use old mac's because I just don't like them, and now with the "glove" on the market, I'm dying to get my hands on them. She has a 5" width by about 4 3/4 length or slightly less. Now how can a company which makes such an incredible product not make boots for this type of hoof? I've seen this hoof on tons of arabians and draft crosses, so why doesn't easy care carry one? I just believe in easy care so much-you've truly done a lot for all of my horses. Your products, website and newsletters are fantastic, but I just can't get over this one problem. The size 1 easyboot just won't go on, and the size 2 leaves gaps around the sides and falls off. HELP! This mare is very sound without shoes, but just needs that extra protection of your boot to help in those rocky or road situations. I'm sure you'll come up with a solution, but like I said, I'm itching to get the "glove" on my horses next. It looks like a great product. So go see what you can do and let me know. Lots of great riding coming up in a couple of months and I wanna keep easy boot out there with me on the trails. Happy trails and God bless your company,
Patty Mitchell.


Thank you for using our product line and for being a great promoter of the Easyboot! We are very excited about the new boots that will be available next month. Easy for the rider to use and comfort for the horse....that is a great combination.
With fit being very important, you really need to get one of the Fit Kits when available in February and try to see which size will work best for you.
Different sizing needs are always on the table, and I am sure EasyCare will try to make that happen in the future.
Happy Riding,

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