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Cindy Edwards

Help! I love the new Glove. Bought a pair at an endurance ride in March and am now torn between Epics or Gloves.

My problem is my endurance horse. This guy, when wired up,can leap into the air and change leads midstride,crossfire, plus canter sideways. Yesterday we were cantering(?)in deep sand. He was all over the place, doing his wild gyrations. Story condensed, he managed to tear an Epic off the front. One Gaitor down. I pulled the other front Epic, continued about 50ft. up over a small rise (sideways w/one lead change) and he suddenly went bananas. Somehow (only something Doimas or another horse of similar personality) he had managed to get the Glove on his right rear hoof completely turned and had the toe of his hoof stuck between the gaitor and boot.

Naturally, his was kicking frantically to get that "thing" off. Thankfully, he trusts me to save him; and, after much tugging and wiggling, I removed the Glove. The Gloves fit tight, I might add.

I trimmed his toes back, hoping this would help resolve any more problems. I can't keep buying new Gaitors all the time. It's getting rather expensive. I also had this happen with another horse of mine in deep sand. He tore a Glove off the left front while cantering in a wash.

Any suggestions?

Buckeye, AZ


Try a Power Strap on your Glove boots. That will really snug them up around the hoof. Fit is so important in any style boot. Sounds like your horse is a real mover and shaker out on the trail! Please give us a call 800-447-8836 if we can help you in any way. We would love to discuss your sizing and fit with you and help determine boot success for your horses.
Happy Trails !

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