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Laurie Durbin

I was beginning to question my decision to go barefoot, but the EB GLOVE is my ace in the hole! I just rode my Arab gelding on 20 miles of awesome Ozark trails with lots of rocks. I'm thrilled with the Gloves! I rode "safety" for a NATRC ride and thoroughly enjoyed my experience. I have two concerns: Can the accummulation of sediment/small stones be pushed upward into the white line (the small grove between the wall and sole)? I had to clean this out with a hoof pick when I removed the boots.
One front foot is kind of "clubby." The bottom edge of the hoof wall seemed "frayed" where it touched the "sole" of the boot. He had been trimmed by a competent barefoot trimmer 12 days prior to this ride with a moderate Mustang roll.

Now I need to get my other horse set up with Gloves. He has great hooves, 7 y.o. and never been shod. His front feet are almost round, so I may have a challenge getting him fitted properly.

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