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February 29, 2008


Cindy Evans

I like the EasyBoot Bares and the Renegades soles, they are modeled after the natural hoof / sole.


I'm Martha's husband, Mike. I've modified several boots to make them work better in our terrain and in my opinion the boots with the stud inserts are the best design. The lugs are aggressive enough to displace clay mud as the horse puts down pressure on them. They are deep enough that they will bite on sloping ground to help with lateral sliding. The cup in the center allows the boot to index on small round cobblestones rather than torqueing the foot or sliding off and catching like flat bottom boots. The toe bars are stout and a toe plate could be made that would bolt down solid. In steep ground it may help to put a mustang roll when adding a toe plate. An idea that may work is to use channel iron toe plates. The boot should have a stainless steel insert molded into the sole or a separate backing plate to go inside the boot that could be added to any style boot. The boots could be molded with small indentations for a drilling pattern to accomodate the insert. Rather than selling the customer high priced studs, they should be designed to use a standard 5/16 or 3/8 bolt that can be bought by the box anywhere. Most people know someone with a welder who can hard surface them. These ideas are probably overkill for casual riders or where the ground is more forgiving but most mud and snow tires are set up for studs as a customer convenience. I'm pleased to see the boots evolving and appreciate your request for input. Thanks, Mike.

Amy Sheehy

Personally, my favorite boot is the Grip. I love the traction it provides on slick grass, mud & snow. I know my horse has secure footing under him at all times. The Grips tend to “toss” a lot of stones (we use ¼” pea gravel over a stone dust base for a good dust free surface year round) in the ring. I have also used the Old Mac’s original & G2. I like the tread but prefer the below the hairline fit of the epics & grips. I really like the epics and they are good for ring work but don’t have traction out on the trails. I have not yet tried the bares myself, but the feedback I have gotten from some friends who have is that there is not enough traction for mud and the changeable terrain on trails around our area. They have all added studs and are now enjoying their boots. I would be interested in trying the tread on the orange boot in the 2nd & 4th photo. I believe there should be a boot for the terrain you will be working in most. For instance, if you are working in a sand ring than there would be a boot for that footing and if you are working on grass than a boot with more “grip” is appropriate. How about a tread like the bares that have taps so people can add any type of stud they would prefer in metal shoes… I have polo players who pull the shoes in the off season but are afraid they won’t have enough traction barefoot and that the grips or studded epics would be too aggressive so they go back to shoed during polo season… Hopefully some of this is helpful!

Karen Standefer

I like the soles on the orange boots best. They have good breakover and good potential grip for slick surfaces. If you could make a more natural "cup" (taller tread???) it would also help stabilize the horse in rocky areas.

I think maybe if you had the Bare treads available (wider trenches, maybe) and something similar to the Renegade tread it would be a great combination. I don't think any one tread will suit every horse or situation.

Rebecca Wyatt

I'd like to (ideally) see interchangeable/replaceable soles. Until then, something that mimics the traction of a bare hoof would probably be best.

Mel MacAllister

I've used both Bares and Renegades now for almost 2 years . About breakover. The Renegade (orange boot) may look like they have better breakover, but in fact the placement of the breakover on the boot does not seem to be correctly placed. I've put a few hundred miles with 2 gaited horses, one in Renegades and the other in Bares. I broke through 3 pairs of Renegade at the toe and still have yet to break through the Bares. Same mileage, etc. The pattern for grip in both boots are similar and I'd say they both do the job in the diverse footing we have here in NH.
On the subject of studs as mentioned above... non beats the Renegade! Built in studs, just like that of a studded tire. Perfectly positioned all the way evenly supporting the hoof wall. I wish Easyboot would consider similar technology.

Jessica Goonan

If we use the Grip and do walk on the Tar or gravel roads, what happens to the boot? Does it just wear faster? Any idea how much faster? Its impossible to get anywhere in NH w/o hitting a tar or gravel road at some point.

Garrett Ford

Jessica- They just wear faster.

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