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April 18, 2008


Jenny Moncur

Hi Garrett,
the boot looks good.
I like the fact it can be fitted around the pastern, as the Davis boot can be kicked off by a vigourously objecting horse!

How critical is the fit for this boot?
Can a slightly larger size be used on a hoof without too much drama? That could make it more attractive to purchase as one size may fit a couple of size hooves.

Look forward to seeing the boot in 'person'.

Garrett Ford

Jenny, Thanks for the comment. The boot should be fine when fitting a slightly smaller hoof. The top closure system helps get the boot snug and the cushioning in the boot will help fit a smaller hoof without much drama.

I have a couple small tweaks to make and I'll make sure you are one of the people who get a pair to test.


Q DeHart

Hi Garrett,

Debbie told me about your new Therapy Boot that you have been working on..so I had to check it out! My husband and I get alot of clients who's horses are dealing with laminitis (founder), and navicular and are currently using the Epics with the pads for rehab...we have had great success and very happy clients (and horses) the only comment we do hear alot about the Epics is that they are "cumbersom" to use. We are very excited about this new Therapy Boot and look forward to it being available. Thanks for keeping us posted!

Q & Jay DeHart w/High Performance Hooves

Linda Stettbacher

Hi Garrett, I have an urgent need for this boot and was hoping you can help me.
I have a 3yo Peruvian-Rocky Mountain mare who foundered (small rotation) and abcessed out her toes last August (all four feet were involved, but only her front feet are a problem). She's been in handmade aluminum eggbar shoes since then, but about 2 months ago, her feet grew out to where the dead laminae are exposed so the farrier had to do some agressive trimming around the front half of her feet...leaving little hoof wall for nails. Then she threw one shoe 3 times, and now has no hoof wall to nail to.

I have several pairs of BOA boots, so I called EasyCare to see if they could be used and left on her for turnout...I was told "Yes". The size 1's seemed to be the best fit for hoof length. However, with no hoof wall on the sides and with the hoof being mis-shapen while it grows out, her hooves are a bit narrow for a perfect fit and so the worst foot tends to toe-in a bit.
I put her in the BOAs 6 days ago when the farrier pulled off the remaining shoe, and she threw both of them the first day of turnout. So I tightened them up...that kept them on, but I had to leave town for 2 days (husband hospitalized in Houston) and when I returned she was in pain. (My horse help are not horse people.) So I pulled off the BOAs and found her feet were smelly and hot--I cooled them with water, washed them with Betadine, gave her 2g bute, and stalled her in deep shavings overnite. Next day (yesterday), I made her some pads by cutting up old Pro Choice SMX boots, taped them on and then put on a Hoof Wrap. She was very comfortable so I turned her out. But she lost both of those in the pasture.

So now I am desperate. What can I do?

I found your Med/Therapy boot update just now and this looks like a perfect solution but I gather it isn't available and I am really really worried that this beautiful little mare could founder again before I can get her fixed from the last one.

Please help me. Any ideas are really welcome. I'll try to call EasyCare this afternoon, too.

Linda Stettbacher
Huntsville, Texas
(936) 668-0264

Mattie Cowherd

HI Garrett,
I am very excited about the boots (trials came yesterday). I plan on using them on a mare who has severe compensation injuries from a crooked sacrum... I hope I can set these up to provide relief for her. Hopefully, as a rehab boot these will work for re-establishing biomechanical balance.

The mare in question is also currently dealing with subsolar abcessing, so the boots came at the right time... it should prove an interesting test.

I look forward to seeing how these boots hold up. They look very promising. The design is wonderful... I wonder if there would be a way to adapt this design for working boots?

Anyway, plan on keeping updates and look forward to testing the boots!

Garrett Ford

Mattie- Glad you got the test boots. Keep me posted on the success of the new boots.

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