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May 05, 2008


Jenny Moncur

This is very interesting, Garrett.
Do you have a purpose designed glue for these boots or are you using Easyfoam or a proprietery glue?

The low profile looks very promising for endurance and other sports where minimal weight on the hoof is essential

Look forward to updates!


This is very exciting! My horse travels very close and, while he doesn't interfere with himself, he does manage to pull boots off. He'll be so happy to have just glued on shells - and so will I.

Endurance Granny (aka Jacke Reynolds)

When will this boot be available to the public? I'm starting a new horse, and hope to compete '09, this is a fantastic development, can't wait for the glue on boot to hit the market!!!

Garrett Ford

Jackie- The Easyboot-Glue On range should be ready by the 1st of the year.

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