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April 27, 2009


Bev McDaniel

How did water affect the athletic tape-boot combo?

Anne Flannery

Can you use Vetrap instead of atheletic tape? I only need the boots for dressage, so do I need the power strap?

Garrett Ford

Anne- Vetrap won't have the same effect. The athletic tape works well because the glue/sticky part of the tape works through the non sticky side of the tape after you apply the boot. The heat in the hoof heats up the tape and the tape gets sticky on the non sticky side toward the boot. The cool thing is this doesn't happen until after the shell is applied making the application easy.

Vetrap won't work the same. Athletic tape is also cheaper.

Hope that helps?

Garrett Ford


Hmm, interesting. (Mud test please.) Now I have to decide whether to look into buying Gloves/Glue-Ons and just plan to use athletic tape during CTRs (instead of gaiters), or whether to wait for the Cuffs. Garrett, I should probably know this, but are the boots themselves the same for Gloves vs. Glue-Ons, with the only difference being whether they ship with a gaiter or not?

Lauren Horn

I'm going to do my own test today (5-16) with this technique. I'll let you know how it goes!


My horse and I are very pleased with our Gloves. Yesterday her hoofs have been trimmed and her Gloves have become a bit wide. Can I solve this problem by using the Athletic tape around the hoof to fill up the shell or do I better buy a smaller boot for this period of time?
I also wonder how hard it is to remove a Glove after using the Athletic Tape? Can it stil be done with bare hands?

Garrett Ford

The athletic tape would work well for this, the power strap would also be a good solution. The Gloves can be removed with your hands when tape is used but they are snug, I flat screwdriver can be helpful.

Hope that helps.



The Power Straps were not available in my country until now, I hope to achieve them next week. These straps and the athletic tape then save me the costs of 2 extra shoes. Thanks!

Jill Moss

There are a lot of horses whose feet are significantly rounder than they are longer and therefore unsuitable for the glove/glue-on boot. Do you have any plans to make this type of boot in a range of sizes with a wider shape? I am experimenting with gluing bits of rubber inside the back of the glove, looking for a way that I can relatively shorten the length of the glove for my endurance horse whose feet are one cm wider than they are long.(and she is too small for the size 0 Edge) Athletic tape alone cannot overcome this type of gap. Any suggestions for what type of rubber glue to securely fix a strip of rubber inside the back of my glove?

Garrett Ford

Jill- Yes I'm looking at doing a round mold set. Trying to get the Glove and Glue-On perfect before starting more molds.

For the Glue-On I would try a different technique. I would cut the back of the boot down and back if needed. The shell won't have a back but that is OK. Let me know if you want me to send some photos.


Jill Moss

Thanks for the idea of cutting away the back of a glue-on shell. I think it might work for my roundfooted mare as she fills out the boot well enough to be glued on everywhere to her hoof wall except at the back where there would be a one cm gap that would soon fill with crap.

Please let us know your progress with any developments for rounder footed horses, especially those with little feet (i.e not long and not high) as there is not much option for them. My mare is OK with size 0 Edge in the front, but her back feet are smaller again and there is no smaller Edge. The clips on the small Epics rubbed on her coronet band - she also does not have much height in her hooves. Also it was difficult to get her into the Epic because her relatively wide feet were obstructed from sliding into the boot by their side grips.


My horse has underrun heels right now as she is making the transition to barefoot. Is there any way to use the athletic tape to help the boots fit better?

Garrett Ford

The athletic tape can help fill voids when a hoof shape does not fit a hoof boot shell well. Give it a try.


Megan Taylor


I am interested in using this technique, can you please advise me what this tape is called and where i can find it. I had a look in a couple of chemists and was unable to find it.

Thankyou for you time, Megan Taylor

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