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April 27, 2009



Hi Garrett

It was Duncan Satchell who discovered this little trick, Carol Layton has his address details.

This technique was found by accident.He has one particular horse that get concussed when wearing shoes for more than four or five rides so he thought he would give the Gloves a go (he didnt like the previous boot models - too heavy). The horse was getting some rubbing at the coronet so he used the tape to push the boot away from the hoof a bit. As a happy coincidence he found that the warmth from the hoof causes the glue in the tape seeps through the tape and bond to the hoof wall, making this super secure fit (I bet it works better on your real horse than on the model). Duncan S is a very thoughtful trainer (he plays around with a lot of different shoeing and management techniques).

Natalie H.

huh...that is really neat! I will have to try that... Anybody try it in wet (lots of creeks) or mud? I imagine on a desert ride with only sand and rock it could work well...

Jenny Moncur

Yep - had great success with it on this past weekend. We had four horses wearing gloves and did it for all their hind feet. Not one boot moved and they were quite difficult to remove afterwards. A really great trick!!

Jenny Moncur

Natalie H.

So does any sport tape (like from the drug store) work, or does it have to be this one particular tape? So the tape is only sticky on the inside, but not on the side that the boot is on?

Garrett Ford

Nat- I believe all sports tape will work. Most are white, I just happened to have a box of black.

The sticky part is against the hoof. The little bit of heat in the hoof causes the glue on the hoof side to go through the tape and get tacky on the boot side. It works well.

Hope that helps.


Tracy B

Would vet wrap work too or elasticon??

Megan Matters

I've tried it a couple of times now, once using sports tape and once using elastoplast. Doesn't seem to matter what the tape is as long as it's sticky. I wrapped the hoof once only, just below the coronet.
Fantastic result. Really hard to get off.
And it has been really wet and muddy here, fetlock deep or deeper at times. 15 to 20 km rides at all speeds over very varied terrain.


Tanja Hanisch EQUIPOD - Natural Hoof Care Specialists

Hi all,

The tape trick sounds really good. Here's another trick to add to our list: if the gloves' gaiter or epic gaiter rub a bit in the pastern area try using tennis socks underneath the boots. You can buy different thicknesses of tennis socks to make your boots fit really tight, then pull them up the leg, close the gaiter and fold the leg bit of the sock over the gaiter and back down. I have done all my quailifying rides 80 km and 90km in epics and tennis socks in 2008 with no rubbing at all. And really - human athletes wouldn't wear shoes without socks!!

EQUIPOD - Natural Hoof Care Specialists

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