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April 06, 2009


Shelby Friml

OK, so the Power Strap stays on forever once it's installed? Seems like this kinds "x"s out the ease of putting them on now that you can't just stretch it over the hoof on front???

Garrett Ford

Shelby- The Power Strap has a great deal of elasticity to it. They make the boot slightly harder to apply but it's really a very small difference. The boot with power strap still flexes and gives to match the shape of the hoof.

Garrett Ford

chris barch

I currently have a fit kit in a couple of sizes,have fitted one horse, who wore epics 1 up front, and 0 behind. Glad I got the fit kit, because in gloves he is 1.5 up front and 1 behind. My question is, do they really stay on? I loved how easy it was to put on the fit kit, hoping it is as easy with the gator....we go through alot of mud, running water, lakes, rocks, everything nasty. I am constantly having to stop and snap the latch on my epics, I'd like to switch..

Dr Deborah Aparicio

My Easyboot gloves fit great on my mare except for the front wall. She was able to slip out of one with the velcro still attached to her carpus. My guess is that she stepped on it with opposite foot and pulled out. The easy strap seems like the perfect solution. My concern is putting holes on the wrong place on the boots. The straps are nicely marked where to cut and punch holes. How do I know exactly where to punch the holes on the boots? Do I overlay and draw? I hate to ruin the boot. DR A

Garrett Ford

Deborah- Yes the boots have dimples to show you exact hole placement at the front of the shell. If you look close you can see the dimples. The dimples match the recessed area on the inside. If you can't see them on the outside (because of wear)look on the inside.

Hope that helps.

Garrett Ford

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