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May 26, 2009


D'Arcy L. Demianoff-Thompson


That is absolutely amazing. Thank you! Answer a lot of questions.

Natalie H.

Aren't they fun? The boots are easier to get off if you don't put that extra seal around the top...you don't need it...they really stay on well with the normal gluing...

Brian Coss

Everyone needs to find their own acceptable balance between stuck-on-tight and reasonably easy to remove safely. I feel this is an art, because there are many variables. One key variable is how well the boots fit your horse. I have trouble with the fit on the back feet on my horse. Another factor is the importance of avoiding losing a boot during your event. You may decide not to carry a spare boot [glove]. Another variable is the condition of the trail, another is the sensitivity of the horse’s feet – condition of the hoof wall, distance you need to go - the list goes on. It is a balancing act.
In the beginning I was also an advocate of not putting that extra seal around the top after spending many hours working to remove a set of boots back when I had minimal experience with them. The bead is ugly when compared to a nice clean boot top. But going with the no bead decision I lost two back boots during the 50 mile No Frills race. My horse has very good feet so we continued at more or less full speed for the last 25 miles with no problems at all, other than the mental anguish I carried about whether I had made the proper decision to continue the race. Had I lost a front boot, I was carrying a spare of that size. So even though the bead at the top is less attractive, I am an advocate of the bead. The bead keeps the boot from starting to peel off in extreme conditions and keeps dirt out, and I’d rather worry less about the boots staying on. But this is just me. Everyone’s values, objectives and conditions are not exactly the same.

BTW - this is a very well done article – good job Kevin Myers.

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