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June 15, 2009



Man, Garrett, y'all are improving your boots so fast it's hard to keep up with you. :-) I just ordered Gloves but I wish I could have waited until you started shipping them with the reinforced toe and the better gaiter!! Next time I guess...


Soooooo excited!! Thanks Garrett, these Gloves keep getting better and better- amazing!

Natalie H.

hmm..that is a cool concept! As always, my mare is great at testing anything that rubs (she'll rub in less than 5 miles, let alone on a 50)... now...what about heel bulb rubs? Some of us are still getting that from the back edge of the boot (that holds the gaiter on, otherwise I would just cut that down like we used to in OLD OLD style EBs)), esp on lower heeled horses...


That design looks much better. I find the seam on the gaitor can rub a bit on the front of the pastern (although not badly) so a thinner seam and padding would sort that problem - great stuff

Julie C

The Gloves have worked very well through 4 months of training rides, but now have started rubbing. I am looking forward to the new gaiter design so my horse can stay barefoot.


good one

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