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June 21, 2009


Cheryl Miller in Pa.

Just wanted to let you know that I tried Easyboot Bares for the first time yesterday. I have a 1/2 Arab, 1/2 SSH, that is gaited, and I have decided to go barefoot with him.
My biggest concern was that he would overstride and pull one off, or trip himself. Nope. They stayed on perfect and didn't twist. We did 10 miles on gravel rail road bed, and some black top. Lots of gaiting, trotting and cantering. I was impressed when I pulled them off that there was no gravel in them. Just some water from all the puddles.
My decision now is wether to buy the Epics, or the Bares. But with your posts about the Gloves, now I have three choices!
(I have a friend who let me borrow her Bares for my test ride.)
LOVED the Bares!

Natalie H.

I really would use Gloves for a gaited horse, Cheryl....I think the Bares can be a bit bulkier and the weight (esp if you end up only using a front set on easy/training rides for any reason) can sometimes make the horse gait differently...but the Gloves are SO light weight and low profile, they work AWESOME on gaited horses...I am going to be starting a KMSH stud soon and he is going to go in Gloves for sure... The Gloves also get a tighter fit, as Bares are a bit harder to get right, with that bungee being so tight...If you need any booting advice with regards to a gaited horse, let me know...I have fitted a good number, now and my endurance partner has ridden thousands of miles now on a gaited horse and barefoot/booted...

Cindy Nelson

What is used under the glove gaitor on Cyclone ?

Garrett Ford

Cindy- Nothing. That is actually part of a new gaiter design I'm working on. It has a second neoprene unit that is attached to the gaiter. The two layers move independently but are still attached. They are working very well!



I have an aged TB who is very flat footed and ouchy on his back feet. I have had him bare foot but being TB and having all the TB foot issues, barefoot just hasn't worked for him. I am looking for a shoe alternative. Something that does not have be taken off and put back on all the time. Does easyboot have anything in this department?

Yakima, WA

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