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June 14, 2009



Very, very impressive. You go EasyCare! I will give this a try for sure.


I read some posts today from Karen C. Pretty disappointing and a bit sad. I guess she didn't listen to mom and dad "unless you have something positive to say don't say it at all"

Keep improving the EasyCare line and coming up with great ideas.


Garrett Ford

Abby- Thanks for the post.

We have some cool stuff in the works and can't wait to get them released.

No issues regarding Karen, she has her views. Her negative posts help push EasyCare to better boots, more R&D, more investment, etc.

Let bygones be bygones.



Hey Garrett,
I'm still hanging in there on bended knee waitin' on these! :) I have tried out the Gorilla Glue/Tape option, and I am positive it will work for my 1 day slow 24's in NATRC. Not sure about 2 day events. But the application would allow me to just take off after day 1 then reapply! SIMPLE, which is what booting should be. Easycare continues to move forward for it's customers and help them do the best, yet keep it easy to do it right. FANTASTIC I have a 1 day event in Cuyamuca this coming weekend (June 20) and will be using the Glue On's. We'll see what kind of feedback the NATRC judges give me on that. So far it's been positive when I use the Foam/Bare combination.
Again--great goin. Just can't wait for the cuffs to come my way!!

Marlene S.

Can you show how the cuff is put on.

Jennifer Weatherford

Is the cuff glued on? If so, is the cuff something that can be reused?

Carol Layton

Hi Garrett
Love the cuff idea, will certainly change things for us from gluing Glue Ons with foam. Looking forward to them arriving in Australia.

Diane K.

I have been following these posts now and this looks like a great system. I will be eagerly waiting for these to come out. I guess I have the same question as everyone else. Are the cuffs reusable?

Chris Martin

Mr. G:

Do you have to up a 1/2 size from normal glue size?

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