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June 01, 2009


Kathy Sherman

I'd sure like to see a picture of the back of the boot and hoof.



Good question Kathy.
Should we drop a bead of glue around the back along the heel bulbs too? I don't and I found a bit of mud yesterday when I removed boots which had been on 1 week...am I not sealing the heel well enough?


I beaded all the way around the top of the boot, including the heels last Tues in prep for a 100 miler this Sunday. Will let you know how that goes.


I'm loving my Easyboot Glue-Ons! I use the Glue-Ons for big events or big training weeks and then use the Easyboot Gloves for my other riding. My horse travels great and the feet have never looked better.

Thank you EasyCare for leading the way!



I get a kick out of the so called boot experts out there. There are a couple who think they are "It". They are making comments about glue and methods and I don't believe they even have a degree, maybe a junior college degree at best. Let along an engineering or chemistry degree. We should leave the adhesive argument up to chemists and engineers

Garrett Ford

Sara- Thanks. The Glue-Ons and the Gloves have been very well received. They are going out the door at an incredible rate and people are very happy with the new designs.

I love the Glue-Ons for certain situations but do most training and most one day events in Gloves.

Thanks for the comments.


Garrett Ford

Ralf- I really try and stay away from the negative people and their comments. These people never come up with anything of there own but write about what they dislike from boot manufacturers. It's easy to sit back and be a critic.

No worries, we have made some great strides for horses and horse owners and we will continue to move forward. Just wait until you see our boot line for 2010.


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