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June 17, 2009


Susan Gill

Hi Garrett - I'd be interested in seeing the radiographs for the Epic and Bare too for their breakover and fit. The Glove looks great - is that the one without reinforcing? How will the extra thickness look?
And is it an illusion or is there actually a bit of shaping at the centre sole area of the Glove? It seems to be molding better to the quarter line roll then the Renegade...
Susan :)

pete ramey

IMO both boots need the breakover rasped back. I find I need to do this almost always.

Rebecca Wyatt

The toe looks long on both hooves, which if brought back would increase the breakover due to a smaller sized boot. The Glove appears to be a better fit, though. Are there plans to increase the "factory installed" breakover on the Gloves? How quickly do horses wear their own breakover into the Gloves?


Garrett, it looks like you may not have the Renegade put on correctly. This may be why it looks like it isn't fitting the hoof.


Garrett Ford

Lori- I didn't put either boot on. They were sent to me by husband and wife. The wife is a boot user and the husband is a vet. Both are very competent horse people and boot users.

I can see small fit issues with both boots using the radiographs. The point wasn't to bag on either boot, the point was to show how important fit is and the unique perspective of the radiographs.



I am surprised that they would take pictures of the boot without having it put on correctly. That would be like taking the EB and not putting it on correctly then telling everyone there is a problem with the boot. More like a problem with the person working the boot. Maybe they should not be taking pictures of somehting they apparently aren't all that familiar with, after all
Has anyone had problems with the rivets that are in the heal area of the Easy Boot? It looks like it may cause some bruising if a horse were to strike that area. And since endurance horses go over all kinds of terrain, it is more a probability than not.
I understand you aren't meaning to put down any boot, but I think it would be a bit more correct to compare the fit of each boot with them on correctly. :)

Garrett Ford

Lori- I'm sorry you missed the point I was trying to make with the radiograps. The point was that there is a great deal more to see than what people are seeing on the outside. I plan to take a whole series with all our boots and others to show fit, bulk, thickness, etc.

We have not seen any problems with the screw at the back of the Glove to date. Check out my post about the Glove at Strawberry Fields. They rocked and got Best Condition on Day #1 and Day #2. As you are aware it's hard to get BC if there are problems.

I'm happy you like your boots!


Jan Mutchler

Garrett: It's very helpful having the films posted. I have been having breakover issues with the Gloves. I rasped back the breakover as far as I could, but its not helping enough. I noticed in comparing the Glove to a Natural Balance shoe that the shape is very similar. However, with the NB shoe, a person can set back the shoe to where the breakover needs to be. Can't do that with the Glove. I would really like to see the breakover moved back on the Glove, OR enough material in the Glove to be able to rasp it back as necessary. You are doing excellent work - keep it up.

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