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June 26, 2009


Delaya Diana

I love my new Gloves but am having a problem with them staying on at the gallop. Janet at the Austrailian Connection helped me size them and they seem to 'fit like a glove' but during a gallop the rear comes off, and of course this tears the gator. Solutions?


Garrett Ford

I would put my money on being a size big. The next size down will fit.

With that said you can use athletic tape to fill up the boots and make them fit tighter. There are several posts on the blog about athletic tape.

Give that a try.


Debbie L

We have a Morgan gelding with large round feet (wider then they are long). Am using Old Macs as supposedly those are the only ones that will fit this type of foot. They seem to fit good but are big, clunky, and I'm afraid he's going to trip himself. Help

Tina Gottwald


I also have the experience that people tend to use a too large boot size. Often, these boots will stay on during the first few rides, but as soon as they are 'broken' in, you lose them.

I also did that mistake in the beginnig. I lost my boots all the time. Now that my horse wears the correct size, I NEVER lost a boot, no matter how muddy, step or fast we went.

I would add that you should pay close attention to flares, espially at the quarters. One horse I fitted boots was an Easyboot #3 just from the width measurement -including the flares right after a trim. The length would have been way too long I decided to do a bigger mustang roll. Then, all of a sudden, the horse fitted into #1 Easyboots - and they stay on even in galopp, the horse is a racehorse!

An additional hint for fitting Easyboots: I always put new Easyboots in hot water before first applying them to the hoof. The rubber will then be flexible and easy to fit to the hoof. Then I let the boots cool down on the hoof of the horse. After a few uses, you can put on the boots easily.

To my experience, most horses, if naturally trimmed to a healthy hoof shape, fit into easyboots. But there are exceptions, mules tend to have hooves too long for the boots, some draft breeds tend to have hooves wider than long. For those horses, you can make custom easyboots! The idea is to take (ideally an old one) standart easyboot of correct length. Then you grind the original sole down and cut it in the middle so it will fit the hoof shape. Then you glue a plastic shoe to the sole of the boot to stabilize is again. Finally, insert a fitting heel strap.

Best regards, Tina


Any tips for keeping velcro on the gaiter secure? In my last ride, one of the gaiters came loose and of course got filled with mud and wouldn't stick well after that. Any recommendations for taping them as a reinforcement? I was thinking duct tape or maybe even vet wrap. Any downsides to this idea?


The technique demonstrated on the video seems very useful! Fortnately or unfortunately i saw it too late, I solved my problem by teaching my mare to kick them on herself. She now bangs her toe on the floor repeatedly and tries to put her full weight on in between tries untill the hoof settles. She kindda learnt it on her own because it's far more confortable to stand on the boots that way and she gains a treat as well! =D


I have an arabian Mare with some toe in, she has never been shod, and will begin to work with her soon. will the gloves fit her?


Garth is part quarter horse and haflinger - his hooves are as wide as they are long (5" x 5"). I was told that the gloves will not work and to use the Old Mac's (which I love! I have them on his fronts). I tried putting them on the backs too but he seems "trip over himself". Will there be a glove in the works for a horse with extremely rounded hooves?

I would like to say that the Old Macs have been so good for him and I will never go back to the metal shoes. Garth has a spur on both his navicular and coffin bone which causes him some pain and the Old Macs have just been fantastic! I thank you!


Victoria- My gelding has 5x5 inch hooves as well. I originally put him in size 2 Gloves, which worked for the first little bit but then started coming off. I worked on a his feet just a bit- back up his toe and really rounded the walls. He is now in a 1.5 Glove and we have had the best luck with them! Get the fit kit, make sure the boot is properly fitted. With my boots now, I have to trot him a few steps to fully seat the foot in the boot but it works fine and they stay on great!

Ute Miethe

Hi, I have had the same issues with a few clients and fitting Gloves. I like a snugger fit to avoid the boots coming off while the horse is worked and upsetting the client, but then a client often complains that they have a hard time getting the boots on.

If that's the case, and after coaching the client a few times about putting the boots on without success, I will go to a bigger size and use powerstraps if necessary. Usually that solves the issue.

However, the trim can also be a factor, especially if the toes are left too long, but in such cases really none of the boot designs will ever work.


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