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June 21, 2009


Lucy Chaplin Trumbull

Nice job in yucky conditions.

When will the prototype gaiter be available?




Just wanted to post about how happy I am with my first NATRC CTR ride in the Glue On boots! Attended a ride Saturday in Descanso (same place Kevin Myers was at on 6-13 for a 50). Applied the Glue On boots on Thursday with the Goober Glue. Bathed/left on Friday - vet in went well. Judges were intrigued by the boots, and the horsemanship judge asked a lot of questions about application, durability, and how they worked for me all day. Did a 20 at a slower than endurance pace--but with NATRC nothing above the coronets so VERY important about keeping to the rules for us. The boots performed ABOVE my expectations, as well as the GG. Pulled them off on Sunday pm and everything cleaned up well, and the boots can be used again for the next ride. Thank you for a great product.

Angela Corner

And I thought mud like that only existed in the UK! Great to read about the Gloves doing so well. I've just completed my very first competitive ride using Gloves on the backs. We only took his shoes off two and a half weeks ago. The Gloves performed extremely well, though I do find I need to wrap his hooves in athletic tape first to keep them in place. He's big boned and the gaiters are only just long enough to fasten so I'd be very interested to find out more about the new prototype gaiters and if they will provide a more secure fastening? For the ride yesterday I wound athletic tape round the gaiters over the top of the velcro fastening and this really seemed to help.

Larry Hall

Great to meet you at the event last week. Have to say I was very impressed with how Easyboots performed. On day #2 I believe I saw 7 of the top ten horses in Easyboot products. Pretty amazing. Keep it up.


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