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June 05, 2009


Susan Gill

that's fantastic news Garrett!
The Gloves have become my favourite type boots for grip, fit and weight but I've had to save them for competitions only as he wore through his first pair of gloves in no time at all.
So it's like he wears gumboots (Bares) for training and runners for competing - which might not be such a bad training strategy...
Susan :)
btw it's great getting the "Horse's Mouth" coming straight into my InBox!

Duncan Satchell

Great one Garrett,

This was my only concern, my good horse is a toe scuffer.

About the Elastoplast tape , I like you have decided to use Vettec glue when I compete in 80 kl rides . Especially in wet conditions. But I will continue to train with the tape as a cost effective way to keep the glue on's on, under most conditions on the endurance trail.As this I think Endurance would be the most difficult sport for the glue on Elastoplast tape combination, I'm sure this application would be perfect for most other equine sports. Saving the owner all the trouble of gluing, & clean up after.

Regards Duncan Satchell


Darn. I have a toe dragger, but I'm ordering Gloves THIS week, I can't wait until July. *sigh* I don't suppose I can do an even trade in July??? Haha

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