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August 03, 2009



Hi Garrett

What a ride!

I watched the Tevis Cup for the first time ever this year. Since I use EasyCare boots, I check the blogs daily, and have enjoyed reading about the pre race prep by all the bloggers and riders.
I was curious to know what the Tevis Cup was all about.
It was thrilling to follow,first learning about the Tevis Cup, reading up on the riders and their horses,then checking up on where everyone was, and saddened when a rider was pulled.
I stayed up super late Saturday night because I just had to follow the race. LOL

Now I am just a western trail rider who could never see myself doing anything like this. But I throughly ENJOYED following this race and all of you.
Even my non-horsey husband was asking for updates.

It is amazing what you folks do and the GAME that you play!

My hat's off to all of you and your horses!

Martha Nicholas

pauline Holloway

That is a great result, hope it makes non believers stop and think. Congratulations to all barefooters in Tevis 2009. Pauline


Congratulations to all you individual riders and horses who got through, and also to those of you who had a go, and to EasyCare too - awesome results, I'm envious!
Susan :)

Jenny Moncur

To all the booted competitors - Congratulations!!!
I watched the webcast and rode with you in my mind. It was exciting and challenging and a fantastic result.
I am thrilled that our two aussies, Dunc and Anton, completed and did so well - and of course, Garrett.
Great swimming style - must be the Aussie crawl :-)

Susan Chittenden

We never had any doubt you would swim! the boots are great - even for average type riders like me! And the caliber of rider you had competing was always going to be a plus.

Fantastic outcome - the proof really is in the pudding.

Sue Chittenden
Banjywon Park

Sue Walz

What a great Tevis!!! Just let Raven out in his own Oregon pasture this evening. He's sound & happy... all four glue on boots still tightly on! I'll deal with that another day. We got 64 miles through the toughest parts of the Tevis trail before ol' Raven just tired out. The boots were flawless! He gaited so well in them. No slipping on the granite rock. Gripped as well as barefoot! Like a cat! Thanks for all the help.

~Sue & Raven

Marina Bredda

Hi Garrett,
A big thank you for gluing Spirit's boots on, she was awesome in them. We skipped over Cougar Rock and had a fantastic ride. I had complete faith in the glu on's (not only because you fitted them):)) but because they provided the greatest hoof protection on what proved to be a really rocky ride. Spirit looked as good at the finish as she did at the start...


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