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September 22, 2009



Great set up Kevin and Rusty. And nice that the round pen is portable to take it back down without a lot of difficulty. Thank you for the share. :)

Jerri Larsen

Looks like you have done a great job...

Jerri/ Montana

Jennifer Simpson

Great setup! Thank you so much for sharing. Could you please elaborate on the feed tubs that you use. One looks like a water trough? And the others I can see look like muck bucket size? Do you feed the grain, then come back and put the bermuda in? Or? I'm starting from scratch on 7 acres. I really appreciate any advice you could offer.

Kevin Myers

Hi Jennifer,

Some of the feed tubs are water tubs that serve as feed tubs. The others are large plastic drums cut in half - I picked them up at the local feed store for a fraction of the price of the larger water tubs. They are bigger than muck buckets.

We feed soaked, rinsed beet pulp in varying amounts (depending on the weight of the horse) twice a day. The easy keepers get about four cups of soaked beet pulp with vitamins and some ground flax. The harder keepers with tougher feet get up to three large scoops of beet pulp per feed. We feed the beet pulp in the stalls so the skinnies don't get their food eaten by the fatties. 7 acres will allow you to really make the horses move out lots: put the water as far away from the hay feeders as you possibly can.

Let me know how it goes!


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