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October 07, 2009



I really like the look of these studs. Here in the UK we have lots of grass which is often very slippy, due to our lovely British weather, presumably similar to the conditions they have in Switzerland. I think these studs could prove very popular over here - not just for endurance (I can think of many rides where they would be very useful) but for hunting and jumping too.

Kerry Greear

We already have several inches of very wet snow here in South Dakota which is on top of grass. Very slick! I've been riding "very" cautiously. Please keep us informed on these studs-----I want to be able to ride year round.

Erika Mørup

I WANT THOSE STUDS! Please please please put them into the EasyCare line. I often wish I could offer my customers a studded boot because conditions get so slipery over here in the winter and in the summer there are a lot of competitions on grass. The studs for the Epics are good but too agressive for everyday use.

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