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November 27, 2009



I can't say I agree that there are not enough trimmers. It sounds like Easy Care pushing to have more sales folks on the ground. There are at least 7 trimmers and a bunch more wannabe's near me in training...and I know they are not too busy. I am in N. California.

Garrett Ford

Sounds like N. Cal is different than Southern AZ or Southern CO. I called every person I know in the industry to try and find help for my horses in Colorado. I didn't find anyone and ended up doing my own trimming all summer. I'm glad it happened that way because I'm actually starting to trim pretty decent.

Tucson, AZ also has a shortage. I know several people who need a good trimmer that has the time to show up.

What are others seeing? Enough good trimmers or do we need more?

Send some of the Cali trimmers south.

Yes, EasyCare would like more trimmers helping with our boots but that honestly was not the point of the e-mail.

Endurance Granny

There are a few in Indiana that I know of...but if my husband wasn't doing our horses himself we'd have a hard time getting someone in this part of the state.

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