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The only thing I've noticed is that the cables seem to stretch on the Epics. You mentioned that the third setting seems to be the best to minimize stretching and fraying of the cable. Is there anything else than can be done to minimize stretching? Size wise we seem to have the right boots but the cables drive us nuts. We are thinking of switching to the bares for this reason.


Hi Suzi -- most likely it is the boot itself that is stretching. If the cable stretches it will fray and break because it is steel cable. You may just need to adjust the cable tighter. You can order the parts for a Bare front and change your existing boot over if your Epic is a newer model. Let me know if you have more questions. Karen

nicky pumphrey

One of my easyboot epics has become too loose. I used to have to use my foot to close the catch but now can do it with my hand. Problem is that it is on the tightest setting. What can I do about this?


Hi Nicky - try working your cable around the top of the buckle assembly as shown in the photo that I posted to link to. ( You can view the entire album on cable adjustments and see some of the other ways to adjust the cables. If you have the cable wrapped around both sides and it is also in the tightest setting on the buckle itself and it is still too long then you can shortn the cable itself. That will require unscrewing the buckle, cutting the cable and then getting a new copper end piece to crimp over the top of the shorter cable. You should be able to get the copper piece at your local hardware store, and if not then you can get one through EasyCare. Let me know how it goes.

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