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Marci Cunningham

This sounds interesting Karen. Are you talking about teams for Dave's next XP point to point or others such as the recent Santa Fe ride? I assume you would consider riders who use easy boots over shoes.


Hi Karen, now that I'm getting back into competing, I'd certainly be interested in being involved on a team for one of these events! One thing that I think could be attractive to some people would be that competing barefoot at times would also be qualifying/encouraged. From the perspective that Easyboot use helps promote a healthy foot able to be barefoot as often as possible. IE if there is a miles qualification to be on the easyboot team, maybe barefoot miles could qualify too since ultimately, the Easyboots contributed to allowing me to compete barefoot. I use Easyboots whenever I need to, but if I'm on an appropriate ride, I'll go barefoot and carry boots with me. Not sure if that would make any sense, but thought I'd toss it out there!

Cindy Bell

What a great idea! I love the idea of promoting concientious barefoot riding by using easyboots when the footing is too rough for barefoot.
And I agree, that the judicial use of easyboots is what has allowed by horse to be a successful barefoot 100 mile horse. Unfortunately, I have not earned any miles in the contest since all his rides so far, he has been barefoot for the majority of the ride. However, we have several rocky rides planned soon, so hopefully that will change.


I think it is a great idea. Won't waste my time on something as dull as Santa Fe and Kansas backroads, but I sure would love to do this on an XP ride. Does it have to be a point to point? Couldn't we do it on a 5 day multiday as well? If not, you could prob count me in on an XP type point-point...

Barry Cole

The Native Prairie and Flinthills of Kansas dull?? Only to those who have not seen or are unable to.
The recent Santa Fe ride/race is a new and developing venue in this area put on, this year, by a non-horsey promoter. If it survives to next year it will improve and is most certainly a good test for boots and barefoot. I spoke with several boot users at the Burlingame camp and this ride was definitely testing the boots!
BTW, I like your idea Karen and the way you've promoted the products with the endurance community this last year.
Barry Cole, Kansas

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