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Hey Karen,

I was wondering where your cyber self was!! Well, I'm glad to hear your O.K. but it sound like you were pretty under the weather. I hope things are looking brighter and your doing good. Regarding that penquin...yes, you probably were like stop and smell the roses a little and I'm giving you permission to stop being an over achiever!


Hi Karen,
Miss your literary face bunches! Hope things are OK.

Robert H. Sydnor, AERC member & Geologist in Fair Oaks, California

Dear Karen:
Please let us know about your health and how you are doing. You have a devoted following of AERC riders who are very supportive of you during your current illness. Please let us know. With support from Bob Sydnor cell phone 916-335-1441

Tami Rougeau


It is good to see you back. It is lonely around here without you. Take care, hope to see you around camp soon.


Paulita Neff

Sure do miss hearing about your adventrues. you have been a inspiration to me. hope you keep healing... and are back in the saddle soon.

Joylen Carlson

Dear Karen,
Hope you are doing well. I will greatly miss your web page,looking forward to each new one. If it weren't for you and your very detailed instructions I would not have given boots a try. Thanks for your generous web page and all the best to you. Happy Trails! joylen carlson se region

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