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Karen...we're gonna miss ya!! Good luck! Raven


I was giving this link on a list of horse blogs from a friend I admire. I am sorry that I got here so late, and missed Karen's current educational blogs.

At least I can go back and read the archives and other related blogs.

Thanks easy care.

horses for sale

Happy New Year for all Horse Lovers!!

Adam Jay

I just opened It is a horse classified site and I am letting people post to their hearts delight for free since it is brand new.

I will start charging a small listing fee once it get's popular, but I am sure your readers would love to be able to post to a horse classifieds for free. They can be featured for free and you can add video to every listing.

Thank you for your time and nice blog!

Sally Pike

Hey has anyone heard of something called "the Better Bucket? I just want to get some people's insight on it..It is supposed to be more accommoadting to the animals facial structure..Looks brilliant to me. If you want to see the company and view a short video clip of the product you can go to:

let me know what everyone thinks!

Human Resource Recertification

She left her post last 2008, that was 4 years long...or she did came back already and it's just me who have here late?

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