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Easyboot Grips

  • Grips_07_031
    We rode today in the snow and mud using Easyboot Grips on both of the horses. They did so well in them, even going up and down steep hills they never slipped. It was such fun!

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February 11, 2008



Hi Todd - that is great - CONGRATULATIONS!! That's a fantastic start to your 2008 ride season. :))) Are you coming to the AERC convention? The banner looks great too, thanks for posting the photo!


Hi Karen,

I thought I left a comment but I guess it didn't go through.

Thanks for the support. The ride was a blast.

I'd love to go to the convention but will be unable to make it. Maybe if they have in San Antonio again.

Safe Riding,


Hi I am not sure if I have the right person but I was typing in a search for what I think is the name of my cousins hubby and Todd Hezeau came up. Thats if I spelled it right. If I am wrong please forgive me. If you have a wife named donna please have her contact me at [email protected] I would love to get back in touch with her it has been several years. I know she owned horses and loved to ride so hopefully this is the right person. Thanks alot....


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