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Easyboot Grips

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    We rode today in the snow and mud using Easyboot Grips on both of the horses. They did so well in them, even going up and down steep hills they never slipped. It was such fun!

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March 04, 2008


Leslie Carrig

Trying to measure the hooves for boot size can be tricky. Once they have fit enough horses they will be able to just look at the hoof and make a pretty good guess. Since you have a number of boots available, suggest to them that they try 2 different sizes just to be sure. I usually guess right, but I always give a smaller size a try just to confirm. Leslie

Amy Sheehy

I agree with Leslie's post in that you will develop an "eye" for sizing the boots. I have developed my eye for sizing epics, bares & easyboots. I do still bring one size smaller than I think the horse will be just to be certain… I have found especially with the epics & bares that some of the owners would choose a larger size just because they slip on so easy. Many people are not terribly comfortable handling their horses feet so to have to actually push on or wiggle a boot and keep the gaiter out of the way can be a challenge for some. If clients are really struggling figuring out an easy and comfortable way to put on the boots I will switch them to the Boa boots for the ease in getting the hoof in. I find most people will get more comfortable with them after a week or so (once the gaiter is broken in) and they tend to really start enjoying the boots as much as their horses do!

Barb F

I too have had customers order boots through me and found they needed/wanted to go to a bigger boot so they would be easier to get on. They have just gotten the boots & spring will tell how this works out for them. Many don't get to see how they are put on effectively & a list of tips would sure help these new boot owners for sure. I would even go as far as to send a dvd with new boot owners to help them get started. I know there is info on the website, but not all folks are computer savvy and a dvd would be easier to watch & learn from. What do you think?

Maxine McArthur

When I started using boots I used Old Mac's and followed the size chart religiously, but ended up with a pair too big. Then when I got my Bares, I did the same, with the same result. Finally when I bought Epics I got a size "too small" and they were perfect--needed a mallet to get them on, but they didn't turn or rub. I think the problem is that on the sizing chart, it says if width doesn't match length on the chart, to go for the larger size. In my experience, this means you end up with a boot too big. I'm about to buy Epics for a young horse and if I go by the chart, I'd get a size 1. But I'm going to order a size 0 and trim a bit off the quarters if necessary!

PS For new users, the rubber mallet is the way to go!

Cath Dennis

Hi, just to be different..... when I started with boots I got two pairs that were too small, rather than too big. They were G1 boots so maybe it works differently with them - I only realised my mistake after quite a lot of riding in the boots, when the heels started to wear through.... the horses were absolutely fine though, just went up into the next size!

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