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Easyboot Grips

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    We rode today in the snow and mud using Easyboot Grips on both of the horses. They did so well in them, even going up and down steep hills they never slipped. It was such fun!

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April 07, 2008



I forgot to mention that the only issue remaining ( and why it is 1/2 a point and not 0 points) is that trail lesions of any sort are penalized, so people are afraid of the off chance that there horse might get a scratch and be penalized and a horse with hoof boots might be protected from that. In the future, if we try to go for 0 points for the hoof boots, I think the organisation will also to seriously look at how trail lesions are scored.

Bruce Goode

Hi Lysane,

Great news! I'll pass this on to my CTR friends and customers. This is a giant step forward for barefoot horses.



Lysane -- Thanks for sharing the news and for your support of hoof boots in CTR. It's great to hear progress is being made in the right direction! Karen

Asa Nuttal

You should be so proud of yourself. What seems like common sense to us isn't always to someone else. But you got them to listen and agree with you! That is awsome!


Thanks so much!
There were also some other CTR rule changes that were passed so that penalty points will now be assessed with respect to gut sounds, jugular refill, hydration, mucous membranes, anal tone etc. - all these were part of the vet check previously but were not allotted penalty points. Now they will be, taking the emphasis away from heart rate (which was often the deciding factor in who placed). Now the overall horse will be assessed and penalties allocated. Very very positive stuff.



Hi Lysane
Where could I get a copy of the new rules showing this great change?


Hi Martha,

The octra website is at www.octra.on.ca, however, the rule book there is not up to date yet. There have been quite a few changes and members will be getting a new rule book (which will also be posted on the website, I believe). I don't have my papers at the moment, but I could at least paste the text of the resolution as adopted if that helps.


I think that's wonderful. That is a big step forward for the CTR people.

Safe Riding,


I have problems with pastern straps on epics rubbing at distances over 20 miles - anyone have any solution to this?



Great job! Thanks for hanging in there. I can understand your emotion in the moment, after working so long and hard.


Hi Martha,

Sorry for the delay...this is the text of the rule (as it is now amended):

"Any type of corrective shoeing, pads and hoofboots are permitted. Riders using hoofboots may be required to remove them for examination of the foot.

Hoofboots with accessories will be permitted, provided they only cover the leg above the coronet band, but below the fetlock. At every veterinary inspection the accessory component of a hoofboot must be undone for evaluation. (Please note: hoofboot accessories are considered tack.)

See section 2.11A.2b for points associated with hoofboot accessories.

Hoofboot and accessories that cover the leg above the coronet, but below the fetlock, are allowed subject to a one half (0.5) point penalty per boot. Competitors using these hoofboots and accessories at any time during competition must declare this to the judges when vetting and the score card must be marked."


Barb Fenwick

Good for YOU!!! Way to go! Does this apply across Canada now or just in QC? I am not sure where we stand on the CTR rules with boots here in MB since last year, as you have yet to have our first ride of season. Thanks for getting that done & hopefully it will snowball thru Canada & US!


Hi Barb,

The rule change was made by the Ontario Competitive Trail Riding Association and so it only applies to rides in Ontario or Quebec that are sanctioned by this Association. They also run AERC endurance rides, but of course, the boots with gaiters were always permitted.

But hopefully other organizations can look to this as something to consider for their own rule changes.



This is great news! I'm so happy to see that someone is starting to listen to reason. Maybe I can begin to hope that NATRC will finally start to "see the light" but I'm not holding my breath! I think the Candians must be more enlightened.

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