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Easyboot Grips

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    We rode today in the snow and mud using Easyboot Grips on both of the horses. They did so well in them, even going up and down steep hills they never slipped. It was such fun!

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October 18, 2008


Dee Fortner

Like you, I had the same problems with the new clamps....what I discovered is that where the cable goes in the clamp.....it is very rough so I filed it down with a round file...this helped a lot.

The old clamps also bent sideways for me too when using my foot to close it.

I then changed to the Easy Up Buckles which worked quite well for a while, but now they won't stay closed. I'm told they have improved them now.


I used to file the old clamps, but never thought of the new ones. I'll try this too. So far, I've wrapped duct tape around the frayed wires, but the frays poke through. I guess it's a reminder for me to check that wire, but of no help. This is frustrating!

I have to put a new wire on my one with the new buckle today. I hope filing will help this wire last longer! :-)


Jenny Moncur

Hi Jen,
I did have quite a lot of trouble with cables snapping very regularly - back in the early days of boot use.
I found out that if I tighten the cable too tight then they fray and snap - generally down where it goes through the buckle. I had a suspicion this was the cause so deliberately did some testing. I would close one buckle really tight - had to step on it hard to close it. The other buckle I would close with firm but not excessive pressure.
The tight buckles snapped sometimes when the boot was put on, and sometimes later after the cables frayed, or the cables just started to fray.
After figuring that out I have not had any cables snap since just closing them firmly but not too tight, although some are slowly fraying - mainly the older style buckles.
I have now changed most of my boots over to Easy Up buckles and just love them!!
They really are far better to use in terms of reliability. I do all my endurance rides and training in boots with Easy ups and have no problems at all with cables breaking or buckles coming undone.
Might be worth a try for you
Jenny Moncur

Anne Carroll

I must say I am amazed at the trouble you seem to be having! I have been using four easyboot Epics for 15 months and I have not had any breakages or fraying of cables at all. The boots on hind feet are looped for tightest adjustment and front boots looped for second tightest and I use my feet to stomp them down. The work we do is mainly road work and if not for the fact that the toes have just worn through, I would be able to keep using the gaiter and cables etc. they seem to be very robust

Lynda Perry

I had alot of cable trouble with the original buckles but the new ones are working fine for me. I do buckle as tight as possible. However a friend of mine also had a terrible time with the cables even with the new buckles. She ended up switching to the Bares and is much happier. You can buy the bungee closure from Easycare and use it on the Epic. Lynda

Bruce Goode

As a professional trimmer and boot-fitter, I noticed a few years ago that some of my customers seemed to be having more troubles than others with cable fraying problems on the Epics. After investigating, I discovered that in most cases the cable damage was occurring as a result of direct contact with the tip of the hoof pick. I guess to me it seems so obvious that a steel pick will damage a thin steel cable. Nevertheless, I started teaching customers how to open the buckle for boot removal without touching the cable with the hoof pick. I now have fewer complaints about fraying cables.

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