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Easyboot Grips

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    We rode today in the snow and mud using Easyboot Grips on both of the horses. They did so well in them, even going up and down steep hills they never slipped. It was such fun!

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December 07, 2008


Karen B

I am REALLY hoping team members get to test these. They look great. It was tough last year to test items when we got them just before ride season because it didn't give a person time to work out the problems before going to an endurance ride. Now is the ideal time to be trying and testing for me. Then when ride season gets here I know what works and how to do it all. Karen B


I agree,

I would like to get ot test these as well. They look really clean and not very bulky. I suspect that they come in being lighter which is a plus. From what I've read, they seem to be fairly easy to put on as well. Like Karen, right now's a good time for testing.

Safe Riding,


I'm going to start training for the season and am currently barefoot. I would LOVE to try these out (have memories of easyboots from 20 yrs ago...not good). Would like to see how easy they are to put on and how they endure the east coast conditions.

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I agree..I'm going to start training for the season and am currently barefoot. And I wish to get to test these as well. They are looking very interesting. I am very much excited about it.

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