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Easyboot Grips

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    We rode today in the snow and mud using Easyboot Grips on both of the horses. They did so well in them, even going up and down steep hills they never slipped. It was such fun!

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January 07, 2009




I'll see if I can get some dome pads in the UK and try them in the hind boots.

Years ago I used poron to make pads and to stop it degrading glued a layer of leather over the top. The leather contacted the hoof and made a big difference to the life time of the pads. Be careful choosing the glue as some of them 'melt' the foam.

I'll try dome (or comfort pads) with leather over the top to raise the foot and see if that works. Previously the boot has rotated until far enough around to hit the coronet band. Maybe I can get enough height to stop this happening.




Hi Annette
Did you have the chance to check out my other blogs on rubbing? Oh I had a error in my post-the leather pad was about a 1/8" not a 1/4" but I have it corrected now.

Raising the hoof up in the boot is what stopped my rubbing but if you go too thick the hoof can't get down into the boot. Play with it. Also make sure you are using the right size of boot and are able to tighten the cables down good and tight. If your cables have stretched and are too long, just shorten them. Which is easy, buy a new cable and adjust it (shorten it) before hammering the copper clamp flat.

I hope this helps!

I have had it push/peel up the coronet band/periople area so bad that it bled and I could see the top of the hoof wall. Which damage the area and when the hoof grew out there was a noticable bent, which then caused more fitting problems for alittle while. I hope it has never happened to that degree with you.

I also want to mention that as much as I like the Domes. My horse loves them in the front boots. They failed at preventing this rubbing in the hind boots in past experiments. So I plan on pulling out the Domes and putting the leather pads back into the hind boots.

Good Luck

And let me know what you come up with.




yes the boots are a good fit and I've used Bares amended to use an easy up buckle to get a tight fit. With Epics and the normal buckle I've used the weight of my foot to get it good and tight. This works at walk and trot, but if cantering or going over rough ground the force on the boot is to twist to the outside and sadly I have had the injuries you describe where it cuts into the top of the coronet enough to bleed and leave a dint going down.

I've also tried various combinations of covering the taper plates with duct tape or left over pads and have taken the back straps out completely, but then the boot is not such a snug fit.

Front feet - no problem, can be quite loose and still stay nice and straight.

so looking forward to the Gloves coming out. Anyone know if you can use pads in the Gloves?


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