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Easyboot Grips

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    We rode today in the snow and mud using Easyboot Grips on both of the horses. They did so well in them, even going up and down steep hills they never slipped. It was such fun!

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April 15, 2009


Jenny Moncur

Yes Martha - VERY exciting!!
I am the same as you. I check in daily to see what Garrett has posted and see comments others have made.
This bare/booted stuff has taken over my life :-)




My favorite's list goes....
Garrett's site, the Team's site, then EasyCare's site. Then it goes to normal life's stuff sites. LOL
That pretty much says it all.

I also help out busy friends by forwarding Garrett's info on to them so they can keep up with all the new products and their testing results.


Dawn M

It is very exciting to be part of TeamEasy Boot. We've had winter weather in Montana through April and having healthy, sound hooves has allowed our horses to go Barefoot for spring riding. The ground is firming up though and we are excited to start getting our boots out and start givng them some really good test rides. It's finally NICE riding season in Montana.
We dusted off our boots yesterday and rode a nice easy 10 mile trail yesterday and met hikers who commented on our horse's 'sneakers'. People are taking notice and it is great to be part of the education. Looking forward to a great riding season in BOOTS.....

Dawn M

Edge's and Gloves, oh MY!
I have just recieved my Edge's and have gotten a few good rides with them. So far I really enjoy the ease of putting them on and taking them off. They seem to stay in place and I enjoy the stream line design, very nice without the buckling system on the front. I did have a little heal bulb rubbing, nothing terrible and will try a little vet wrap and see if that helps. They seem to be 'breaking in' as well, getting softer and even easier to apply, maybe it is just me getting used to using them now. A very NICE design.
I really enjoyed the Gloves as well, but found that the shape of my horses' hooves played a vital roll in correct fitting. My one mare is Pigeon Toed, with oval shaped feet, but the oval goes from Quarter to Quarter instead of front to back making the glove fit poorly. My other horse, who has a distinct square coffin bone and naturally a higher heals also had a problem with the Gloves. It was like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. They DID fit my older gelding (who isn't rode as much as the other 2) like a GLOVE and I loved the simplicity of them. I am sure the shape of the hoof will play a vital roll in proper fitting of the Glove, but if you are fortunate enough to have that 'perfect' shaped foot, you will LOVE these boots.
While helping other's fit boots I also realized correct trimming is vital in proper hoof boot fitting.
I enjoy using Easy Care products and look forward to providing additional feedback with some more rides this summer.

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