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Easyboot Grips

  • Grips_07_031
    We rode today in the snow and mud using Easyboot Grips on both of the horses. They did so well in them, even going up and down steep hills they never slipped. It was such fun!

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February 21, 2011



Todd, I'm also very thankful for being chosen again. Looking forward to everything in the new program!


I am also with you Todd! Happy to still be part of the Team! And am still continuing my own R&D at the moment by trying the quick studs in my set of worn Gloves. My husband just installed them. We figured it could make good use for my worn boots. And now I am just waitting for my boot partner in crime,Pam B., to have time to ride along on the first test ride. Love have my coolest reason on 'why I have to ride', R&D!

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